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晨读美文(音频):万圣节 Halloween

2016-04-22    来源:小e英语    【大乐透走势图浙江      美国外教 在线口语培训

文章摘要:晨读美文(音频):万圣节 Halloween,侭多侭少英卓有必要,让开天乐贵子。


One story about Jack, an Irishman, who was not allowed into heaven because he was stingy with his money. So he was sent to hell. But down there he played tricks on the Devil (Satan), so he was kicked out of Hell and made to walk the earth forever carrying a lantern.
Well, Irish children made Jack's lanterns on October 31 st from a large potato or turnip, hollowed out with the sides having holes and lit by little candles inside. And Irish children would carry them as they went from house to house begging for food for the village Halloween festival that honored the Druid 3. abbreviate god Muck Olla. The Irish name for these lanterns was "Jack with the lantern" or "Jack of the lantern," abbreviated as "Jack-o'-lantern" and now spelled "jack-o-lantern."
在 10月 31日爱尔兰的孩子们用土豆和萝卡制作"杰克的灯笼他们把中间挖掉、表面上打洞并在里边点上蜡烛。为村里庆祝督伊德神的万圣节,孩子们提着这种灯笼挨家挨户乞讨食物。这种灯笼的爱尔兰名字是"拿灯笼的杰克"或者"杰克的灯笼缩写为Jack-o'-lantern现在拼写为jack-o-lantern。
The traditional Halloween you can read about in most books was just children's fun night. Halloween celebrations would start in October in every elementary-school.
Children would make Halloween decorations, all kinds of orange-paper jack-o-lanterns. And from black paper you'd cut "scary" designs -an evil witch with a pointed hat riding through the sky on a broomstick, maybe with black bats flying across the moon, and that meant bad luck. And of course black cats for more bad luck. Sometimes a black cat would ride away into the sky on the back of the witch's broom.
And on Halloween night we'd dress up in Mom or Dad's old shoes and clothes, put on a mask, and be ready to go outside. The little kids (children younger than we were) had to go with their mother,but we older ones went together to neighbors' houses, ringing their doorbell and yelling, "Trick or treat! " meaning, "Give us a treat (something to eat) or we'll play a trick on you! "The people inside were supposed to come to the door and comment on our costumes.
Oh! here's a ghost. Oh, there's a witch. Oh, here's an old lady.
Sometimes they would play along with us and pretend to be scared by some ghost or witch. But they would always have some candy and maybe an apple to put in our "Iriek or treat bags." But what if no one come to the door, or if someone chased us away? Then we' d play a trick on them, usually taking a piece of soap and make marks on their windows. And afterwards we would go home and count who got the most candy.
One popular teenagers' Halloween trick was to unroll a roll of toilet paper and throw it high into a tree again and again until the tree was all wrapped in the white paper. The paper would often stay in the tree for weeks until a heavy snow or rain washed it off. No real harm done, but it made a big mess of both the tree and the yard under it. One kind of Halloween mischief.

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